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Optimize Your Health (It doesn’t involve money or food)

The last few months have been a period of transition for me in many ways. I have shared this with you in various ways in my one on one conversations, in my emails and in my workshops. Change is scary for many people. If you let go of your ego it is quite simple. Really. Recently I sent out an email to my therapeutic massage and bodywork clients stating that I was going to be taking a pause from seeing them at one of my locations. All sorts of feelings bubbled up as I wrote the message but I knew I was doing the right thing as I felt such a sense of peace as I hit the “send” button. A reset button of sorts. Enjoying the season of change. Giving myself the gift of time. Allowing myself to find more joy. JOY. This word has resonated with me all year in a variety of capacities. As I worked with several clients this week, I found myself talking about this word. They found it hard to understand how to incorporate joy in their day and how finding more joy would free them of some of the stress they have been experiencing. You see, to me, finding what brings you joy fills you. If you are filled with joy and love there is no room for stress. Think about that. Let go of what no longer serves you and what you do not have control over. People tell me I’m way too calm; even in situations that would cause them to scream. I smile. This is the hard work. It wasn’t always this way for me as being raised in a household with six siblings and parents who didn’t show outward signs of affection taught me to have a rough exterior and for decades a guarded heart. Growing up around a parent who seemed crabby most of the time taught me that I didn’t want to be that. I decided. I changed. I work at it every day. I control what I think about, what words come out of my mouth, what work I engage in, how I treat my body, who I socialize with. We all have this within us but it’s up to you to want it. It could help optimize your health and well-being so it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? Do what brings you joy every day. Start small if you have to - read a book for 10 minutes before bed, paint at your easel that has been collecting dust for years, put a puzzle together, write a note to a friend, play cards with your children, giggle with a niece as you sing songs together. Express gratitude. It’s simple. It does not cost one penny. If you know anyone who is looking to reduce pain, support their immune system or enhance cognitive function give me a call. I'm always available for you, your family and friends. I can be reached at 201-338-0483 or respond to this email. With health and gratitude, Rena


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