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Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - it is NOT a massage

We offer manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) as a medical massage technique. It supports your body to achieve the level of wellness you require.   

Vodder-style Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy is not massage.  It is an advanced, rhythmic hands-on modality based on the most efficient method to move lymph throughout the body in a gentle, non-invasive approach.

As a scientifically proven form of manual therapy used particularly in the management of lymphedema and lipedema, MLD has been administered in clinics and hospitals for many years. 

This is not the “lymphatic massage” that is marketed by many spas, franchises and massage practices. The therapists at Whole Body Balancing have received their Bachelor’s Level Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (CMLDT) by The MLD Institute International. This is a specialty certification.

MLD for Lipedema and Lymphedema

Few doctors are aware of lipedema. Many doctors misdiagnose it as obesity or mistake it for lymphedema-a serious medical condition that most often starts after removal of lymph nodes or damage to the lymphatic pathways-but there are some striking differences. People with lymphedema are usually affected on only one arm or one leg including the hand or foot; the other limb being normal size. Both lipedema and lymphedema can be very painful, and if not kept in check through a healthy lifestyle the condition can worsen, sometimes leading to immobility.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy can make a significant difference over time, especially when used in combination with other options such as doctor-prescribed medical grade compression, skin care, movement and nutrition.

Pre and Post-Surgery Treatment

Frequent lymphatic drainage sessions can minimize bruising, swelling and can reduce the  healing time for orthopedic surgery to half. Manual lymphatic drainage is very beneficial to cosmetic surgery recovery as well to reduce swelling, bruising and scaring, speed the healing and keep the immune system strong.  Post-surgery treatment typically requires a minimum of 5 consecutive sessions immediately following doctor clearance.  Manual lymphatic drainage is very beneficial prior to surgery to enhance the immune system for better surgical outcomes.   

Hormone Balance Support

The benefits of manual lymphatic drainage are extensive. 

The majority of struggles with hormonal imbalances affecting both the female brain and body may be associated with estrogen dominance. 

The health of a woman’s lymphatic system has a direct impact on her ability to move progesterone around the body. Lymph flow serves as a delivery system for progesterone, to balance out estrogen, balance the hormones.

Total Body Wellness

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy supports anti-aging and optimal wellness.  This rhythmic technique facilitates the removal of metabolic waste, cellular debris, bacteria and foreign substances from the body. Not only does the lymphatic fluid flow through our bodies to deliver healing lymphocytes and nutrients to the cells to strengthen our body’s defense system, but It also promotes deep relaxation and hormone balancing. 

Other Treatment

Other health conditions that benefit from lymphatic drainage:

  • Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Digestive issues

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Oncology support

  • Sports performance/recovery

  • Post plastic surgery recovery

  • Pre cosmetic surgery preparation

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

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