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Lovin My Liver!

You have brain fog. You’re tired, bloated, unable to lose weight, and experience skin issues that is just as bad as a teenager. You wake up between 1 -3 a.m. You’ve tried everything you can think of from exercising, cutting calories, changing your skincare routine – but nothing seems to “work”. The liver is often behind these frustrating symptoms.

The liver is your powerhouse detoxifier. Love it and you will feel more energy, have better sleep, better digestion and more balance in your hormones, to name a few. I know this because I’ve been doing the work myself to help my liver!

Just like your computer or smartphone, you need to clean up some files and update the operating system. You need to redirect your efforts to take help optimize your health. Some people I know spend more time and money on their animals than they do on themselves. Think about that. Do you?

Toxic overload stresses the liver. If there’s too much stress in the body, it will start to talk to you in ways that manifest physically or emotionally or both. Work to reduce bodily stress and you will experience improved health.

This is the time to focus on supporting your liver before the cold of winter sets in. Autumn is the time of gathering and harvest. Gather your remedies to support your immune system to fight off potential toxins the winter months of being indoors can bring.

It’s not complicated. Here are a few ideas to give your liver a boost:

1. Drink water with the juice of a fresh lemon every morning

2. Avoid canned and packaged foods

3. Do not use artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives

4. Check your make-up and personal care items for chemicals and stop using them if there are harmful ingredients (check out to see how your favorite brands stack up)

5. Eliminate chemical residues on your foods by purchasing organic fruits, vegetables and meats

6. Minimize exposure to plastic, use BPA-free plastic if you must

7. Eat beets and artichokes to purify the blood and stimulate the flow of bile

If you know anyone who is looking to support their immune system, reduce pain or enhance cognitive function give me a call. I'm always available for you, your family and friends. I can be reached at 201-338-0483 or respond to this email. With health and gratitude, Rena

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Membre inconnu
17 mars 2021


Nice blog and thank you for sharing it.

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