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Warning - Burnout Ahead!

You knew it was coming on. You could feel it. But you didn’t do anything about it because you were too busy being busy and ignoring your body and your self-care.

“Sally” came into my office to seek help with tension headaches. Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches experienced by people. I know all about them as I lived with them for two decades when I worked a high stress job and lifestyle in New York City. These headaches can range from mildly annoying to debilitating, affecting our daily lives, productivity, and overall well-being. While medication can offer temporary relief, addressing the root causes and managing tension headaches in the long term often requires a multifaceted approach utilizing lifestyle management techniques and integrative therapeutic massage.

This past weekend I hosted a Women’s Whole Body Women’s Wellness Retreat. For those in attendance, you’ll agree it was pretty amazing. It was an opportunity for personal growth on many levels. My presentation focused on turning burnout into living an authentic life. I candidly shared my story of climbing the corporate ladder, constantly going against the odds to prove myself, and filling my ego at the expense of my health – winding up in a hospital emergency room and seriously not knowing if I would make it back home. When you’re pinned against a wall like I was you finally make some decisions.

During our consultation I shared with “Sally” a little bit about the retreat presentation. We talked about the importance of my WHY and how important that is. It is about living authentically and living in alignment with your values. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so don’t miss opportunities for a fulfilling life.

I gave her space to tell her story. I listened without interruption or judgement. She broke down in tears and thanked me for listening because she said no one was listening to her. She would talk but everyone had their opinion on what she should do and how to do it. No one gave her the chance to articulate what was on her mind. I’m not a psychologist but I listen, and I hear you.

I know. I’ve been there. I know all the excuses. I know all the “shortcuts”. I know how much work it is. I know how much money it costs. I know how much time it takes away from doing other things. I know. When is it TIME for you? The ball is in your court.

My hope is that you’ll learn from me and take your health seriously before it gets serious attention in an emergency room. I’m passionate about helping people feel their best using tools at their disposal while coaching them along the way at reaching their goals – without judgement.

I’m a telephone call or an email away to help you on your wellness journey. If you or someone you know can use a bit of support with your health utilizing a holistic approach, I can be reached at 920-343-6365 or

Be well,



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