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Get the Garbage Out

Spring is here and so is the time to check-in with your body. If you’re like me, the New Year’s resolutions have been broken, the Valentine’s Day chocolate is eaten, and the Easter basket candy is calling your name. My oh my. Heavy holiday foods, sugar and not enough sleep is a combination stewing in your body causing inflammation and decreasing your energy and vitality.

Last week Friday “Sally” was in my studio in De Pere, WI for her first Manual lymph drainage therapy (MLD) session. She heard about this modality from a mutual friend that it might help her stiff joints and low energy. I was able to explain to her MLD is a gentle, safe, light-touch therapy that stimulates the purging of the lymphatic system of stagnant waste, bacteria, and toxins. The lymphatic system is a virtual road map, designed to detox bodily wastes and other impurities that sometimes collect and stagnant in the body.

She was excited to hear that the session was going to focus on ensuring the body can successfully drain the accumulated waste products in her body and rejuvenate and heal her body. She said she takes her car in for regular oil changes but never thought about needing to rev up her own body in a similar manner. Boosting her immune system was also important to her because of her low energy the last few months and the continued concern of the virus that’s been going around for the last two years. She has been working more hours than usual at work, her children need more help with their schoolwork at home, her husband travels and isn’t available to help with the household chores, and her list went on. No wonder she’s tired!

MLD is a gentle practice that can help over 30 common ailments and help restore the natural internal cleansing system of your body to allow for self-healing, better health, and wellness. MLD helps with numerous health concerns including multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, injuries, skin conditions, migraines, mood disorders, pre- and post-surgery and more.

If you or someone you know can benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in the Green Bay are, call me to discuss how we can work together to help you live your best life 920-343-6365.

With gratitude and health,


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