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I met him where he was at

What do I do with him?

A smile comes over me and I am filled with joy and an immense amount of gratitude. I wiggled toes. I wiggled my fingers and blinked my eyes as I looked at to the wind blowing the tree branches out the bedroom window this morning. Today is going to be another amazing day!

Yesterday a new client rolled into my driveway. His girlfriend said it took him 30 minutes to get out of the house and into the car. He was unable to get out of his car due to severe hip pain. He’s been to the doctors and he’s done all their protocols. He tried everything else and didn’t know what else to do. His girlfriend tells me he’s been wanting to call me for some time but just kept putting it off. Until yesterday. Here he is. What do Ido with him?

I worked on him in his car. I met him where he was at.

We talked about the pain in his hip. We talked about his medications and recent doctor visits, his lack of sleep, the reactions to medications, the muscle loss, the shift in his mental frame of mind. The conversation organically shifted to dialogue about changing his diet to low-inflammatory foods, proper movement, a positive attitude and other such topics. He listened. He asked questions. His girlfriend asked questions. Lots of questions. I was in my zone doing my thing. He in the passenger seat that didn’t move back or recline because of the amount of stuff in the back seat. I was in the driver’s seat, outside on the ground next to him, or any other way I could position myself somewhat comfortably for more than an hour. Being present with my client, allowing the session to go as it needed to.

It is in this work that I am able to pause daily and know that our bodies are amazing. I’m blessed. I’m here. On this beautiful Earth. I am here and I am healthy, I am strong, and I can get out of my car without pain. I can go for walks, I can pick up unpacked boxes from the recent move, I get to prepare dinner for my family. These are areas some take for granted. Countless daily activities are awaiting our participation that many are not able to do for various physical or emotional reasons. I understand. I’ve been there too. Most of you know my story.

People need us to do our best work and to show up for them. Sometimes the greatest gift is our presence. A compassionate ear and an understanding heart. It doesn’t matter what is framed on the wall if these components are missing in the treatment plan and execution.

I am here to help others find their joy, reduce their pain, live a more vibrant life.

During this holiday season, enjoy the moments that bring you delight. Be filled with the beauty of the season and all it is meant to be. A season of giving, love, joy and peace. Realizing many are going through difficult times there is some thing, one thing, that can be done that will bring a smile to your face that doesn’t cost a dime.

Find your happy place and give from your heart. It is unbelievable the amount of joy it will bring you.

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Happy holidays to you and yours!

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