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How much longer are you going to wait and forgo living your best life?

Better is right in front of us. Deal with the here and now – yesterday is over and tomorrow is in the distance. The best is yet to come because the future is bright if we choose to make it amazing and surround ourselves with those who lift us up. Right here, right now.

“Sally” had fatigue all the time, brain fog, sleeplessness, bloating and constipation, and had much puffiness in her face. She said she drank a lot of water, ate healthy foods, and got exercise regularly. So, what was ‘wrong’ with her? She went to so many doctors and spent so much money on blood tests. Everything was ‘normal.’ Until it wasn’t. The doctors told her she needed surgery. What? Where did that come from if everything was always “normal?”

That’s when she started working with me. I helped her understand HER body, HER feelings, HER lifestyle. She wasn’t a number; she is my client that I am humbled to work with. During our sessions we talk about lifestyle modifications that she’s held accountable to achieve, we do therapeutic bodywork such as manual lymphatic drainage, therapeutic acupressure, and craniosacral therapy. Her body responded in a very positive way very quickly and she has blood tests and biopsies to prove. Every one of Sally’s sessions is different and tailored just for her as the body presents itself.

She told me no doctor could help her because they told her to eat better and get more sleep and get used to it.

Years and years of patterns left her not knowing what true health feels like.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take more uncomfortable action that can change your life. Step out of your comfort zone.

I don’t tell her - we talk, and she takes action. You must make the commitment of putting in the time and money. You are in control of your health, not your medical insurance plan. How much longer are you going to wait and forgo living your best life?

If you are struggling to feel your best, regain your energy, detox your body of impurities and lifestyle choices, I am here to help. Call me to discuss how we can work together to help you live your best life 201-338-0483.

With gratitude and health,


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