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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for brain health: Detoxing for Brain Health

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

CranioSacral Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, oh my!

Have you noticed you don’t remember what you went into the other room for? Or where you parked your car? Or what you wore yesterday? Some say this is a “normal” part of aging. Some say it’s your body’s response that something is not right.

Stress, environmental exposures, toxic cleaning and personal care products, exposure to common weed killers, traumatic brain injuries, lifestyle choices and even sports concussions can all contribute to declining brain health.

The lymphatic system, which is the collection of vessels and nodes running throughout the body that helps cleanse waste products and is part of the body’s immune system, and the glymphatic system, which is the cleansing system in the brain, work marvelously in our bodies. Until they get clogged and sluggish – caused largely by the above-mentioned factors.

Supporting and enhancing this cleansing process could lead to improved outcomes in brain injury and brain disease. Craniosacral therapy effectively promotes brain health by invigorating this active fluid cleansing system. Craniosacral techniques restore and enhance fluid movement within the brain and spinal cord and throughout the whole body. During acraniosacral therapy session cerebrospinal fluid motion is increased, improving glymphatic flushing of the brain tissues.

Additionally, manual lymphatic drainage techniques are beneficial to optimizing whole body wellness and ridding waste in your cells. Together, craniosacral therapy and manual lymphatic drainage techniques work to flush the body of toxins and are essential for brain detoxification, nutrition, and normal range of function. Manual lymphatic drainage for brain health is very effective yet gentle to receive.

At Whole Body Balancing in De Pere, WI I offer both craniosacral therapy as well as manual lymphatic drainage (along with therapeutic acupressure and restorative massage and bodywork techniques). Offering these services to my clients has certainly increased the quality of their lives overall.

If you or someone you know would like to experience craniosacral therapy or manual lymphatic drainage, give Whole Body Balancing a call at 920-343-6365. I am happy to work with all ages to help them feel their best.

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