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Busy being busy

Sometimes taking a break is just what we need. What? You say, I don’t have time? There’s so much to do – the kids need extra help with school, the house needs to be cleaned, grocery shopping and cooking need to be done, the garage needs to be organized, a presentation for work is taking extra time, cookies need to be baked for the fundraiser……..

Stop. Just stop and think about what that all is. It is giving you the opportunity to be busy being busy.

Working with “Sally” the last few months has allowed me to reflect on this. While doing several sessions a week of manual lymphatic drainage and therapeutic acupressure to help her body prepare for and recover from a lumpectomy we talked. I asked questions and listened. She poured her heart out as she felt comfortable with the space that allowed her to be heard. Obviously much emotional releasing was happening in addition to the physical. It was in those moments that she understood that she had to feel it to heal it. Feel the emotions connected to the physical discomforts in the body and release them and heal them. It’s all connected.

It’s time to pause. Let the stuff go. It really doesn’t matter, does it? Are you going to remember that pile of dirty dinner dishes in the sink or are you going to remember the spontaneous dance party you had with your three-year-old daughter in her purple polka dot dress and red tights jamming to Donna Summer on the radio? I think the latter because I bet you had a grin on your face while doing it. That’s what we need to capture. Be in the moment. That's what Sally realized was missing as she was so busy being busy all these years.

What’s holding you back from just letting go of some things that are just things? You don't need to figure it all out today. Let it go. Rest. In due time - at the RIGHT time - it will all make perfect sense. It’s in this place that we hear what we need to hear. Feel what we need to feel. When you feel it, you heal it. Come in to your body and feel what you deeply feel physically and emotionally.

That’s what I help with. I help people on their wellness journey to feel better both physically and emotionally. Yes, I am a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker and an integrative health coach; I work with the entire person – from the outside in and the inside out. Helping clients figure out the root of the physical issue is a process of unraveling layers. It’s not always a quick fix. Chances are it didn’t happen overnight so why do you expect it to be gone over night if you didn’t do the work yet? I give you permission to give it time. Rest. Find your joy.

If you know anyone who is looking for support with their wellness, give me a call. I'm available for remote consultations and workshops for you, your family, and friends. I can be reached at 201-338-0483 or respond to this email.

With health and gratitude,


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