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My son seems like a totally different kid!  The craniosacral therapy session really changed his behaviors, attention and sleep.  Thank you for what you do.


I think I look 5 years younger!!  I really enjoyed the MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) facial. Wow!

Margaret M.

After my first therapeutic massage with you last night my back feels the best it has in the last 5 months.  I'm going to ease back into everything but I appreciate what you have done for me so far.  I've been to a number of massage therapists but you do outstanding work!

Joey E.

My mother loved the therapeutic acupressure session and slept really well because of it.  I'd like to set up ongoing appointments with you to help her feel better.

David L.

Rena, my mother loved the massage and slept really well because of it.  I’d like to set up regular appointments with you regularly to help her in her transitions.


Driving home yesterday I realized things were brighter and I noticed buildings I didn't know were there even though I've been taking the same road to work for eight years.  Thank you for your healing hands.  I need more of what you do at your studio.

R. G.

Thank you Rena.  LOVE your therapeutic work!


Rena did a CST session for me on Sunday night. I felt very relaxed and peaceful. I'm having cataract
surgery today and that session has helped me a great deal with my anxiety about this surgery. I also had
substantial pain in my left kidney which is now totally gone! Rena possesses a great deal of love and care
for her clients that is difficult to find.  I AM grateful for her!  God bless you and your hands!

Kathy P.

I wanted to thank you both for a fantastic event last night! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about both of your techniques. It feels so good and extremely comforting to me knowing there are alternative ways to address both emotional and physical challenges. I'm grateful to know this not only for myself but also to recommend to my clients. In my work, I can't think of one client that wouldn't benefit from both of you! Thank you again!


Today's (MLD) session helped me more than you could know. Thank you for "being." You are such a gifted therapist, but so much more than a massage therapist; your nurturing demeanor and full heart are much appreciated during and after my appointments. Your integrative approach is very healing and effective.


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