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Health Begins Here

Some types of conditions clients see me for include:

  • pain management

  • autism

  • fibromyalgia 

  • back pain

  • anxiety

  • trauma

  • digestive disorders

  • fertility concerns

  • chronic fatigue

  • headaches

  • insomnia

  • endocrine imbalances

  • high blood pressure

  • cancer

  • neurological and autoimmune disorders

  • muscle tension

  • stress relief

Whole Body Balancing is all about individualized service. Each session is customized to meet your needs.  Check out the services listed below to decide what is best for you or contact us to discuss options to ease away chronic pain, tension, and increase stress relief. Prenatal massage is available for those past the first trimester.



What’s Available

Pressure point massage 2


Healing From the Inside Out

Experience the noninvasive, ancient healing art that focuses on wellness by opening pathways within the body. It allows energy to flow more freely to enable the body's natural self-curative abilities to work through the meridian points of the body. It is for the young, the old, the young at heart, and everyone in between. This modality is done with the recipient fully clothed. Available in 60 and 90-minute sessions.


Relieve Pain and Discomfort At Its Source

This is a gentle, hands-on method to evaluate and enhance the functioning of the physiological body system called the craniosacral system. This system surrounds the brain and spinal cord. CST has been found to be effective for anyone with head trauma including concussions, car accidents, whiplash, difficult births, stuck emotions and the like. This modality is done with the recipient fully clothed. Available in 60 and 90-minute sessions.

Head Massage
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Ease Muscle Pain and Melt Stress Away

Each session is uniquely customized to meet your individual needs. Different massage techniques are used to ease away chronic pain and tension. This modality is ideal for stress relief, improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing muscle tension, and working areas of restriction while reducing physical and mental fatigue. Prenatal massage is also available for those past the first trimester. Available in 60 and 90-minute sessions.


Healing With Essential Oils

Revitalize your mind, body, and soul with this unique, targeted massage technique.  Utilizing Young Living essential oils you will be transformed as your body is harmonized, relaxed, detoxed and balanced with this nurturing experience.  Available in 60-minute sessions.

Essential Oils
Massage Therapy


Total body immune boosting and wellness

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLD) is really not a massage.  It is a gentle touch with scientifically proven outcomes to help a variety of health concerns such as sinusitis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, skin conditions, migraines, cancer, anxiety, fertility and much more.  Available in 50-minute sessions.  

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Pregnancy

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Head, Neck and Face (Boca LymphLift)

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Sports and Wellbeing

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Pre- and Post Surgery Recovery

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Face – Boca LymphLift™


A mini-vacation from workplace stresses

We come to your event, office or clinic.  A program is customized to meet your needs, two hour minimum.  Table or chair work is available.