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MLD manual lymphatic drainage for surgery recovery in De Pere, WI

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Anti-aging and overall wellness

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is a gentle, yet scientifically proven technique with proven results.  Rena Esposito of Whole Body Balancing is a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist. 


MLD treatments allow your immune system to function optimally, speed up recovery time, minimize bruising and releive pain.  A healthy lymphatic system is important for your body’s ability to fight disease and remove waste. Blocked or clogged lymph  vessels in your body causes cellular waste to accumulate in your body, resulting in swelling (edema), acne, headaches and inflammation.

  • MLD for post plastic surgery recovery

  • MLD for pre cosmetic surgery

  • MLD for immune boosting

  • MLD for total body wellness

  • MLD for sports recovery and performance

  • MLD for lipoedema

  • MLD for lipedema

  • MLD for oncology support

  • Head, neck and face Lymphlift

  • Pre post natal

  • Headaches

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Neurological issues

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Stress relief

  • Pre- post-surgery recovery

Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Recovery And Wellness

Effective support when you need it most

MLD is an essential tool in removing waste from the body.  This effective technique is helpful both before and after surgery and for overall wellness.

Manual lymphatic drainage increases lymph flow by up to ten times.  This in turn boosts your body’s immune activity and increases lymphocytes.

manual lymphatic drainage massage
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