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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Pre and Post Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is a gentle, yet scientifically proven technique with proven results.  Rena Esposito of Whole Body Balancing is a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist. 


Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the immune system and clear waste from tissues.  This helps prepares your body in the healing process and reduces the chances of infection. Scars, edema and adhesions are  are reduced with a series of manual lymphatic drainage massages.  

Post-surgery manual lymphatic drainage should be scheduled for a minimum of five consecutive session immediately following your doctor's clearance, usually 24-72 hours after your surgical procedure.  Healing time from orthopedic surgery can be reduced from six months to six weeks with frequent MLD sessions.  

MLD treatments allow your immune system to function optimally, speed up recovery time, minimize bruising and relieve pain. 

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