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About Me

My Story

Rena is a finance professional turned integrative health coach and therapeutic bodyworker and massage therapist.  After searching for the “perfect” life for years and never quite fitting in with the crowd, Rena found her energy, joy, and quality of life depleted, finally hitting her breaking point with a health crisis.

So after 20 years in corporate America, she gave up her unrealistic expectations and rewrote her story, focusing on finding joy in nourishing her body - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She found balance and focused on self-care. Once she allowed her body to heal and shed what no longer served her, not only did Rena lose more than 30 pounds but she also rejuvenated her adrenal health, improved her digestion and chronic constipation, eliminated vertigo and heart palpitations, regained her energy that was zapped from debilitating fatigue and restored her deep sleep patterns.  Health is an evolution and now that she has found her path, she is ready to help you too! 

Today Rena and Whole Body Balancing help busy people searching for something different learn to approach life from a place of peace and pleasure and form a new relationship with their body through private sessions, group coaching programs, and educational opportunities.